Cajun Sweet Potato and Chickpea Veggie Burger Recipe

Delicious veggie burgers packed with sweet potato and chickpeas and lightly spiced with cajun seasoning.


Delicious veggie burgers packed with sweet potato and chickpeas and lightly spiced with cajun seasoning.


Hello, it’s Ciara here again from My Fussy Eater and I’m delighted to be back here on Super Healthy Kids sharing my recipes and ideas for feeding picky eating families. Today I’ve got summer on my brain and nothing says summer like big juicy burger eaten on picnic blankets in the garden!


In an effort to get my children to eat a more varied diet and to eat less meat in general, I decided to make these Veggie Burgers. They are super easy to make and contain just two basic but really nutritious ingredients; sweet potato and chickpeas, mixed with some cajun seasoning and garlic powder.


The amount of cajun seasoning you should add will depend on how mild or spicy you want your burgers to be. You can also change up the flavour altogether by adding other herbs and spices; these burgers are completely customizable!


Delicious veggie burgers packed with sweet potato and chickpeas and lightly spiced with cajun seasoning.


These burgers are gluten, dairy, egg and nut free so they make a great choice for families dealing with allergies and are also suitable for vegans too. I also made a delicious vibrant green Avocado Mayo to go with them, which is so tasty in the burger or just used as a general dip for crudites or chips!


I think its worth mentioning here by I didn’t use a food processor to break down the chickpeas and mix them with the sweet potato. If you make the burgers this way the mixture becomes to wet and mulchy and you then need to add in some breadcrumbs to firm it up. However, by mashing the chickpeas by hand with a fork they keep some of their texture which holds the burger together better and also gives them a lovely bite.


Delicious veggie burgers packed with sweet potato and chickpeas and lightly spiced with cajun seasoning.


Freezing the patties before cooking is also another essential tip as this makes them completely firm so that they don’t fall apart as they cook.


For lots more recipes that the whole family will love this summer check out My Fussy Eater and I’ll see you guys again next month!


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Cajun Sweet Potato and Chickpea Veggie Burger Recipe

Screen Time Boundaries and the Help you Need!

How many of you worry about technology, devices, and what and how much your kids are being exposed to?  I know that I do for sure!  It seems like there are new apps, devices, games, YouTube channels, and ________ (fill in the blank with a hundred other things) coming out everyday and it is hard to keep up!   Our kids are growing up in a world where these types of things are a part of their culture and their everyday life.  As parents we really need our own technology tools to help keep our kids not only safe from internet filth, but also to provide boundaries for them.   My kids would definitely sit and watch Kids YouTube for 3 hours if I would let them!


This Forbe’s article gives a good summary of the AAP’s updated media recommendations, but here they are broken out:

    • Media is just another environment. Children do the same things they have always done, only virtually. Like any environment, media can have positive and negative effects.
    • Parenting has not changed. The same parenting rules apply to your children’s real and virtual environments. Play with them. Set limits; kids need and expect them. Teach kindness. Be involved. Know their friends and where they are going with them.
    • Role modeling is critical. Limit your own media use, and model online etiquette. Attentive parenting requires face time away from screens.
    • We learn from each other. Neuroscience research shows that very young children learn best via two-way communication. “Talk time” between caregiver and child remains critical for language development. Passive video presentations do not lead to language learning in infants and young toddlers. The more media engender live interactions, the more educational value they may hold (e.g., a toddler chatting by video with a parent who is traveling). Optimal educational media opportunities begin after age 2, when media may play a role in bridging the learning achievement gap.
    • Content matters. The quality of content is more important than the platform or time spent with media. Prioritize how your child spends his time rather than just setting a timer.
    • Curation helps. More than 80,000 apps are labeled as educational, but little research validates their quality. An interactive product requires more than “pushing and swiping” to teach. Look to organizations like Common Sense Media ( that review age-appropriate apps, games and programs.
    • Co-engagement counts. Family participation with media facilitates social interactions and learning. Play a video game with your kids. Your perspective influences how your children understand their media experience. For infants and toddlers, co-viewing is essential.
    • Playtime is important. Unstructured playtime stimulates creativity. Prioritize daily unplugged playtime, especially for the very young.
    • Set limits. Tech use, like all other activities, should have reasonable limits. Does your child’s technology use help or hinder participation in other activities?
    • It’s OK for your teen to be online. Online relationships are integral to adolescent development. Social media can support identity formation. Teach your teen appropriate behaviors that apply in both the real and online worlds. Ask teens to demonstrate what they are doing online to help you understand both content and context.
    • Create tech-free zones. Preserve family mealtime. Recharge devices overnight outside your child’s bedroom. These actions encourage family time, healthier eating habits and healthier sleep.
    • Kids will be kids. Kids will make mistakes using media. These can be teachable moments if handled with empathy. Certain aberrations, however, such as sexting or posting self-harm images, signal a need to assess youths for other risk-taking behaviors.

When we started looking for something that would help us manage the technology in our house, we came up with these things that are important:

    • Sets Time Limits
    • Has Filtering Capability
    • Manages Multiple Devices
    • Simple to Use
    • No Extra Fees/Subscriptions

We found the PERFECT fit for our family and wanted to share it with you.  It is called the Circle.  A tiny white box that gives you peace of mind.  For me anytime a product or service takes something off my plate – it is worth its weight in gold!


Circle Product 3




So let’s talk about what this actually does for you.   And how, if you are anything like me, you will tell your husband to scratch the jewelry for your next Birthday/Mother’s Day/Anniversary and give me something that will make my life easier!


 Set Time Limits


This is one of the biggest challenges we have.  It is easy to tell your kids they only have a certain about of time on their device, but then you get busy doing things, forget, or have to have a fight when it is time to turn it off!  Whether it’s on a tablet or a smartphone, Circle keeps track of how long your kids spend online whenever a time limit is set. Circle will add up the time between each device so that 1 hour actually means 1 hour!


iOS Screen 3 (1)


Filter Content


This is one of the features that really puts my mind at ease.  The coolest thing about this, is that you can set individual filter levels for each family member that matches their age and interests. Do it once and it will apply to every one of their devices.   My 7 year old can view different things than I want my 3 year old viewing.  And it is automatic!


iOS Screen 4


Manage Multiple Devices from your Phone


If the device is connected to your Wi-Fi, Circle sees it and allows you to manage it. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or smart TV, Circle has you covered without any software needed on any of those devices.  Saves you SO much time trying to install things on every device, and figure them all out!


Lifestyle 2


Pause the Internet


Maybe it is homework time, dinner time, chore time – whatever it is, you can actually pause the internet.  Every family member has their own pause button for them and their devices. Give your kids a distraction-free chore time or homework time by simply pressing the pause button. It’s also just as easy to unpause when you want them to reconnect.


iOS Screen 1


We have LOVED having the Circle in our home.  It has really helped us to set the boundaries we feel like help our kids with screen time.  Sure, setting boundaries can definitely be done without the help of more technology, but isn’t it awesome that we have it available?  We think it is incredible that we can take advantage of these incredible advances in technology that are created to help parents with the challenges that our parents didn’t have to face raising their kids.   Sometimes it feels like we need ALL the help we can get, and this is one way that has really helped our family.  If you want to learn more about the Circle, its features, price, and everything it has to offer – Just Click HERE. 


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Screen Time Boundaries and the Help you Need!

Healthy Soda and Juice Alternatives

G’day everyone- Arman here again! I’m here today to share some delicious smoothies which trump soda and packaged juices!


Even though I clearly didn’t show it at the time, many years later- I’m grateful my mum never let me have those ‘juice boxes’ and tetra packs growing up.


I remember all throughout primary school of how jealous I’d be of all the kids whose lunchboxes contained juice boxes and mini sodas. Mum would send me to school with a bottle of water or a plain milk and tell me that juice was only for the house. She’d try to explain that the juice boxes my friends were drinking were made of fruit juice concentrate and sugar- Not a sign of any fresh oranges, apples or pineapple in sight.


These days? I now appreciate my mum for not letting me go to school with those juice boxes and instead, nourishing my sister and I with 100% options or even better- Homemade! Whenever we had some frozen fruit on hand, my mum would treat my sister and I to smoothies, which resembled ice cream and frozen yogurt!


Smoothies are a great alternative to fruit juices and sodas and in many cases, are a fantastic way to add some extra nutrients in by sneaking veggies! Not only that, with a few unique combinations and additions, you can also create versions which resemble milkshakes, frosty and thick shakes!


Here are 10 delicious smoothie recipes which are the perfect alternative to sodas and fruit juices, which will have kids never looking at a can of the fizzy or boxed stuff again!


Healthy Peppermint Patty Smoothie via The Big Man’s World


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!


Carrot Cake Smoothie with Cream Cheese Frosting via 1000 Lovely Things


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!


Pomegranate Yogurt Smoothie via Diethood


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!


Red Velvet Smoothie via Tried and Tasty


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie via Mandy’s Recipe Box


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!


Key Lime Pie Smoothie via Bless This Mess Please 


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!


Strawberry Pineapple Banana Lava Float Smoothie via Averie Cooks 


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!


Coconut Raspberry Chia Smoothie  via Super Healthy Kids


COCONUT RASPBERRY CHIA SMOOTHIE! Full of good stuff, like omega 3 fatS!


Healthy Orange Cheesecake Smoothie via 1000 Lovely Things


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!


Green Berry Smoothie via Diethood


10 delicious and healthy juice and soda alternatives for your kids!




Arman is blissfully ignoring the freezing temperatures outside and enjoying smoothies…..wrapped in a blanket and with the heater turned up full blast. His sweet tooth has been rampant lately, as evidenced by his latest creations on his site– Stop on by and say hi!


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Healthy Soda and Juice Alternatives

Bean with Bacon Soup

Did your father ever tell you that when “he was a kid, he walked 10 miles to school everyday, barefoot, in the snow”? My dad did, and I believed him for years. He was from Minnesota; they had snow there. We lived in LA—palm trees, no snow. How was I to know?

We grew up with hearty soups, even though in Los Angeles there was maybe one month a year when it really made sense to eat them.

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Bean with Bacon Soup